Spinal adjustments are specialized treatments administered by highly skilled chiropractors to reduce joint misalignments. Spinal bones can lose their proper position for a number of reasons ranging from activities associated with normal daily living or trauma such as a fall or accident.

These misalignments can interrupt nerve signals and trigger symptoms like pain, numbness, weakness, and even organ problems. Re-establishing proper position to these joints can help eliminate symptoms and restore peak performance.

Chiropractic adjustments may consist of either gentle manipulation by hand or low force instrument treatment. An audible sound may be heard during treatment, which is caused by the release of joint pressure. Most patients report chiropractic treatment to be very comfortable and highly effective.

The Activator Methods Technique is a gentle low force program of chiropractic care. This technique was developed to improve comfort and safety for chiropractic patients. Activator adjustments provide gentle relief for children and adults. Activator technique has grown to be the most widely used low force chiropractic technique in the world.

Consumer Reports Magazine (May 2009) surveyed 14,000 patients and found that chiropractors rated #1 in patient satisfaction!